18 July 2009


Two Canadian changes:

C7-362 Geraldton ON deleted
D9-391 Melfort SK ex D5-391


Thanks to Giorgio Casu for reporting a new Italian NDB:

AQP-381 L'Aquila/Preturo N42 22 25 E013 18 28


A couple of NDB deletions:

ALM-341 Alamogordo NM
AYB-430 Auburn NE
BZP-331 Galena/Bishop AK
CDH-335 Camden AR
CDN-263 Camden SC
LDS-389 Havre/Leeds MT
LLJ-397 Challis ID
MVI-311 Monte Vista CO
MVQ-215 Malvern AR
NUC-350 San Clemente Island CA
TZO-251 Bristow OK
XEN-395 Xenia OH

11 July 2009


DK-427 Saratov/Tsentralniy said to have changed to 722 kHz - anyone able to confirm this?


UNA-450 Udbina withdrawn - not that I remember seeing any logs of this one. Also nothing in REU.

8 July 2009


LJK-280.0 Ashland/Ashey VA deleted effective 2009-07-02.