27 January 2010


Deletion: KRS-285 Karistos

Last log rww 2009-02-18

17 January 2010


New NDB: GAP-391.0 Sanliurfa/Gap N37 27 29 E038 54 17.

7 January 2010


New: WK-408.0 Grozny/Severny RUS N43 23 24 E045 43 42

Maybe a change from ex WK-830. If so then most likely VSh-830 will have also changed to VSh-408.

2 January 2010


AD-365 Sochi has been decommissioned, last log RWW 2009-03-23.


New: TGU-315.0 Taungoo N19 00 29 E096 24 04.


DA-550 Ulanbaatar ex DA-315.

Dominican Republic

LRN-325 La Romana has been decommissioned.

Easter Island

It looks like one of our DX targets is to be decomissioned soon or has already been decommissioned.

Could those of you which have heard IPA-280 Easter Island/Isla de Pascua in the past please check whether it is still active? Last log in RWW 2009-12-06.