31 December 2009


A Happy New Year to all readers following this blog!

Sri Lanka

RM-350.0 Colombo/Ratmalana has been decommissioned.


EB-816.0 Matveyevskiy ex EB-1170.

Would be great if Scandinavian DXers (others as well of course) could check for this.


Two changes which should become effective 2010-01-14:

GDB-383 Gdansk ex S-383
GDN-322 Gdansk ex GDA-322

20 December 2009


A couple of announced deletions:

IFJ-402.0 Winnfield LA eff 2009-12-17 last log rww 2009-06-19
NXX-388.0 Willow Grove PA eff 2009-12-17 last log rww 2008-04-27
LLE-329.0 West Bend/Kettle Moraine WI eff 2009-12-17 last log rww 2009-06-21
OXV-284.0 Knoxville IA eff 2009-12-17 last log rww 2006-11-14

Would be great if you could check those deletions and leave a comment here in this blog.

19 December 2009


Just reported as an UNID and already identified: BSC-351 Brive Souillac. This is a new French beacon for a new under construction French airport.

Approximate coordinates of the NDB are N45 00 E001 37.

18 December 2009


The reported UNID GVB-353 is Bogalusa/George R Carr Memorial Air Fld in Louisiana ex BX-353.