23 April 2010


A temporary (?) reactivation of BGW-334 per the following NOTAM:

LE BOURGET VORDME (BT) replaced by NDB (BGW) 334 and co-located DME (LVM) CH97Y (115.05) at N4858.5 E00227.2. Eff 08 Apr 10.

15 April 2010


Three deletions:

W6-233.0 Creston North BC last log rww 2009-02-10
9Z-236.0 Westlock AB last log rww 2009-02-12
U6-360.0 Creston BC last log rww 2009-01-01


LG-348.5 Li├Ęge/Bierset to be deleted effective 2010-05-06

4 April 2010


Further deletions:

VTI-338.0 Vinton/Garrison IA last log rww 2008-05-13
CKP-423.0 Cherokee/Pilot Rock IA last log rww 2009-10-14
BNH-362 Brenham TX last log rww 2006-02-05
ISS-407.0 Wiscasset/N Edgecomb ME last log rww 2007-12-31


One deletion:

VO-333.0 Vodochody effective 2010-04-08